At Midlands Moves, we understand moving on a Friday gives you time to settle into to your new house.  However, due to our experience, we know this is the worst day of the week to move home. This is because you do experience any problems or delays you will have to wait until Monday to sort the problems with the bank, solicitors and in the meantime, it can be a costly expense.

For example, Midlands moves were booked to do a move on a Friday and the customer was told the sale of the house was going through that day. We loaded all the vans and waited for the transaction to be completed. However, at 3 PM the customer was informed that there was a delay in the transition of monies due to a mistake on the mortgage contract and before the sale could be completed it had to be amended. At 5 PM our customer was told that the transaction could not place that day due to it being the weekend and they would have to wait until Monday until they could move house, leaving them officially homeless.

The team at midlands moves were devastated for our customers, therefore, we offered to keep their belongings in storage until Monday and we would do there move for free on Monday.

However, we do not want to see any of our customers in this situation again, therefore, we advise to avoid moving on a Friday if possible and offer a discounted price for mid-week removals.

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