A good way to begin is to pack the items that you value most. If it happens that you are still packing up until the last minute, you may start to rush, and this is when things can get damaged. So, if you have to hurry it’s better to do so with items that don’t matter than with your most precious belongings that need special care.

Packing up your house in the following order could help to cut down the disruption in the run-up to your move.

Pack up your least-used rooms

Firstly, pack up all your items in the rooms that you use the least, this way you will be able to clear a space to put all your moving boxes as you continue the packing process throughout the rest of your home. These rooms could include your spare room, conservatory, or perhaps you have a games room or second reception room that you use less than other rooms in your house. Choose one room in which to begin placing all your moving boxes – restricting all these boxes to one area will help you to detach from the situation when you need a break.

Pack up your storage space

There is no better time to have a massive clearout than when you are moving house. Moving home forces you to sort through all your belongings, so you can decide which items you need to take with you and which items have fulfilled their usefulness. It is great to start afresh in your new home, not to mention all the money you will save on your removal costs if you only transport the items that you need by getting rid of all your clutter and unwanted items before moving day. All removal companies price their jobs depending on the volume of items to be moved, so bringing fewer items to your new home is a good way to save money on removals costs.

Pack up your least-used items in your most-used rooms

By this time, you will hopefully have one or more rooms clear enough to be able to start stacking all your moving boxes in one place. If you can keep one room free of anything related to your move, you can retreat to this place when you need time to relax.

Throughout your move we suggest you live by the mantra – if you can live without it for a while, it goes in the box.

Moving week

Most-used items you can live without

With just one week before your move, it is recommended that all important documentation is kept in a safe place that is easily accessible if required on arrival at your new home. Continue systematically packing your boxes and ensure all boxes are labelled or colour-coded for simple identification at the other end.

Be sure to settle all outstanding bills relating to your current home and notify the Royal Mail to set up a mail redirection service to ensure all correspondence arrives at your new home.

Day before your move

Lastly, pack all the things you can’t live without

Just 24 hours before the big day, conduct a final sweep of your house to ensure you have not missed any important valuables or items that can be taken to your new home. Be sure to do these final checks thoroughly as you don’t want any unwanted stress or surprises on moving day.

Double check to make sure you have the keys to your new house or have arranged to collect them prior to your arrival. It is important to prepare a moving day survival kit with essentials you need in the first few days while you get your new home in order.

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